Restoration and Conservation

Restoration and conservation of a piece of art aims to halt the degradation process, restore its aesthetic qualities and increase its market value.

The Atelier du Temps Passé is at your service for any Restoration and Conservation treatment for paintings and painted objects. From big to small, from old to contemporary, from the most humble creation to the most prestigious signature, each work is treated as a special case.

The Atelier du Temps Passé has over 30 years of experience with historic monuments, museums, art-dealers, and private individuals with several thousand works having been restored and conserved. We take care of restoring and conserving your cultural heritage while respecting the fundamental rules of professional ethics: stability, reversibility and durability.

Conservative restoration: wires, linings, threads, etc.

Aesthetic restoration: cleanings (dust removal, lightening of varnishes, repainting, etc.), filling gaps, reworking/reintegrations and varnishing.

Curative Restoration: anoxia for the disinfestation of wood, antibacterial treatments (moulds and fungi) etc.

Preventive conservation: mechanical protection for the folds, hanging advice, climate and environment and lighting…

The Pluses of the Atelier du Temps Passé

Telephone advice: immediate post-accident care
Detailed diagnostics and quick quotes
The work can be carried out at the Atelier or on-site.
Curative, conservative, aesthetic and preventive restoration
Illustrated restoration technical file on request
Technical expertise (statement/condition report) and Authenticity reports
Specific packaging offered
Comprehensive insurance for works on deposit
Additional specific insurance on request
Ongoing technical assistance, practical advice on maintenance and preventive conservation
ecological bonus: all toxic and polluting waste is sorted and recycled

All our work is covered by a 10-year professional guarantee

Not to mention the smiles and availability of the team that welcomes you and advises you…