Graphic Art Restoration

Works on Paper 

The restoration of graphic artwork covers a large range of pieces whose common feature is the paper format.

The majority of these works are flat documents, including drawings, posters, and engravings, presenting a diverse range of mediums: Watercolorgouache, pastel, and ink. The Atelier also provides engraving restoration services.

Paper is a fragile medium that exists in adapted conservation. The medium is prone to damage which occurs too often when encased in frames of poor quality ie. the use of acidic paperboard, different invasive methods, and damaging collage effects of work pressed between the paperboard and direct contact with glass against the work… or an issue of improper storing (humidity or direct exposure to sunlight).
The most frequent damages found are oxidation, foxing spots, tears, wrinkles, holes, traces of humidity, and mold growths. 
Some polychrome works can show signs of discoloration and faded colors. These changes are often the result of prolonged exposure to light and are unfortunately irreversible. The effect of sunlight, direct or indirect, and the light from fluorescent lights are all harmful to these fragile pieces. Chemical deterioration can not only result in an alteration of colors but can also cause the paper to become more fragile. 

Cleaning, removals, disinfection, de-acidification, wet or dry cleaning, lining, leveling, restoring rips, filling gaps– All of these operations aid in restoring the physical and aesthetic integrity of paper works. 

Valérie, our paper works specialist, will propose the maintenance and preservation plan most suited for your particular needs. She will also be able to carry out passe-partout matting and framework adapted to your work’s conservation needs. 

The Atelier du Temps Passé, with over decades of experience and support from their team of painting restoration specialists, will respond to all your needs. 

A detailed estimate is always established before any intervention. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or for matters of urgency (water damage, fire, insurance appraisals, etc.) 

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