Restoration and Conservation of Paintings

The purpose of artwork restoration and conservation is to stop the degradation process, to recover its aesthetic qualities and to increase its market value.

“The material of the work is of a special nature, where it is necessary to distinguish the structure and the appearance… Open to an eternal present without escaping time, the work of art is an object of a paradoxical nature.” George Brunel – “Introduction of restoration theory” by Cesare Brandi

Refixing, Doublage, or Lining, Consolidation or Replacement of the framing, Conservation of wooden frames, Cleaning, Vernis treatment, Filling gaps/holes, Retouching, Vernissage, etc. a team of professionals is at your service.  

Respecting the works that are entrusted to us, the Atelier du Temps Passé applies the fundamental rules of Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage

  • Stability: the materials used in the various treatments and interventions comply with specifications particular to the Restauration-Conservation des biens culturels
  • Reversibility: the materials brought in for Restoration and Conservation are always more fragile than the original materials so that they can be removed at any time without any material damage to the work.
  • Readability: the work must be able to meet certain criteria for observation and overall reading satisfaction according to its initial aesthetic or utilitarian qualities
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