The team

Annette Douay

Manager of SARL Atelier du Temps Passé

Trained at the prestigious Florence school in the early 80’s, she is constantly improving on traditional restoration techniques alongside more technical and scientific ones.

Mastering all the techniques of restoration and conservation of paintings, her know-how coupled with an attention to every detail is at the service of each entrusted work. Continuing to perfect her skills with national and international institutions, Annette graduated with the degree, “Expert: Law and Authenticity of Works of Art” by the University Paris II Assas-Panthéon. Annette puts all of her experience at the service of private clients (amateurs and collectors), as well as institutions (museums, historical monuments, ministries, foundations, etc.).

Her calling, turned profession, also allows it to teach its know-how with a sharpness and a constantly renewed curiosity. Annette Douay sees herself as a link in the chain of heritage conservation-restoration, and is pleased to pass on her knowledge and expertise with fervour and humility to a curious and demanding clientele.

Marine Beylot

Workshop Manager

A graduate in the conservation and restoration of paintings; Marine has been working for more than 10 years in the Atelier du Temps Passé. Mastering traditional techniques as well as the most innovative tools (low pressure heating table), she retouches each painting in a minimalist and demanding way…

Anna Rota

Restorer and Conservator

With a masters in art History fron the university of Padua, Anna joined the Atelier du Temps Passe in 2016. She specialises in restoration of paintings (Gallerie dell’Academia) and wall paintings (Brescia). As an essential component to the team, she puts her skills and international experience at the service of each work she is entrusted with.

Il-Hame Sihami

Il-Hame joined the Atelier du Temps Passé team in 2003 as a Management Assistant. At the reception desk, she is the main participant in buisness management, and answers all administrative questions.