Classical Painting Restoration

The Atelier du Temps Passé has handled several thousand paintings within the past decades. The experienced specialists in our team can answer all restoration and conservation problems that can arise in classical paintings. 

From the 15th century to the modern and contemporary period, from the smallest to largest formats, from those of sentimental or institutional value, the Atelier’s team will analyze the needs of your painting with precision and always with the rules of ethics in place. 

The Atelier du Temps Passé, with over decades of experience and support from their team of  painting restoration specialists, will respond to all your needs. 

A detailed estimate is always established before any intervention. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or for matters of urgency (water damage, fire, insurance appraisals, etc.) 

                                                                                                       + 33 01 43 07 72 26