Drawing Restoration

Conservation Framing for Graphic Works 

The main purpose of conservation framing is to protect artworks for longevity. It entails the methods, rules, techniques, and materials required in frame works in order to preserve the quality of works on paper with high art, historical, or sentimental value.  

The conservation framework service ensures that your works on paper are maintained in the best possible conditions. Paper is a medium is fragile by nature and prone to damage. Graphic works must be adequately preserved in order to combat the eventual degradation of time. 

Our mission is to protect and promote the sustainability of framed paper works in the best conditions and to respect the right balance between conservation and development. 

In our workshop, we utilize the products and assembly techniques best adapted for conservation including: 

  • Acid-free products, without optical brightener, without lignin and alkaline reserve
  • Acid-free and Reversible Adhesives
  • Anti-glare and anti UV lenses (from 92% to 99%)

The Atelier du Temps Passé, with over decades of experience and support from their team of painting restoration specialists, will respond to all your needs.

A detailed estimate is always established before any intervention.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or for matters of urgency (water damage, fire, insurance appraisals, etc.)

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