Restoration of Art Objects

The purpose of artwork restoration and conservation is to stop the degradation process, to recover its aesthetic qualities and to increase its market value. 

The Atelier du Temps Passé restores all types of painted objects including (monochrome or polychrome works.

From classical sculptures to contemporary art to the diverse range of curiosity objects, these typically anecdotal pieces are often surprising and sometimes exceptional and will always be treated with the utmost respect.

For most classic pieces (icons, sculptures, masks, masks, boxes, screens, mannequins, various small pieces of furniture etc.) the treatments will most often be “traditonal” i. e. favoring the “stability” of the object without touching its patina. The “aesthetic” finish will only be done in the second part, and only if necessary.

For Contemporary Art, if the work is damaged, the restoration will always be adapted to the materials (sometimes even those considered, “unconventional” ie. composite materials) and the treatments will make it possible to restore the work as faithfully as possible to the original work. 

Deterioration prevention advice will always be formulated so that the piece can withstand, as long as possible, the harmful effects of time, pollution, light and humidity.

Restoration and Conservation: Yes we can!