Frames, passe-partout matting, and Marie Louise mounts are all available at the Atelier. 

The Atelier du Temps Passé offers a large selection of tailor-fit frames for the presentation of your paintings. Custom frames are made to measure for artworks with the option of passe-partout and Marie Louise mats. 

Classic or contemporary, our wide variety of frames is available for you to choose from. 

We offer out clientele a range of French artistically crafted frames known as “à coin bouchés” or “wedges.” These frames are of the highest quality, built and assembled in hardwood, then a patiné is applied by hand using a unique proprietary method. The hardwood base is sculpted, then gilded in either gold or silver, or given a patina effect. Each angle is worked and polished so that it is seamlessly integrated into the moulding becoming invisible. 


The Atelier du Temps Passé, with over decades of experience and support from their team of painting restoration specialists, will respond to all your needs.

A detailed estimate is always established before any intervention.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or for matters of urgency (water damage, fire, insurance appraisals, etc.)

                                                                                                       + 33 01 43 07 72 26